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Andy Palmer

Although I enjoy ceramics, I know that it’s just a material.  What I absolutely love to do is to make things - and clay has the ability to take just about any given shape; it can be added to and taken away from, molded, sculpted, thrown, and fired to rock hardness.  It is durable, malleable, and accessible.  There’s a directness you get when working with clay that you don’t get painting or woodworking.  You are in contact with the material physically, not separated by a brush or machine.  It gets under your fingernails and stains your clothes.  It’s what remains from history for us to examine and learn from and what we use every day on a regular basis.  It is the material of some of the most expensive art work in history and in the finest collections as well as the most common and inexpensive objects we see and use daily.  And it is because of all these factors that I was drawn to using ceramics as one of my main mediums for creation.

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Constance A. Schulze
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Ali Kauss