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Ashley Bevington


My work captures the feeling of ambivalence through a humorous lens. Humans are contradictory in nature since we each have a different story and are constantly growing and developing personal intellect. We have always used humor as a coping mechanism for the struggles of daily life. The pieces I create are manifestations of reoccurring thoughts of past trauma mixed with irreverent ideas of the mundane. I use poodles as a mask to feel comfortable sharing these moments of vulnerability. The well-known breed is often thought of as a spoiled lap dog, but was originally bred to be a hard-working hunting dog. With my work I am investigating the parallels between the misconception of the poodle and feminism, art versus craft, and the duality of my Midwestern upbringing and current relationship with the art world. I aim to communicate common human emotions using man’s best friend as a tool to force empathy, all while illustrating thoughts and/or experiences that are often deemed taboo as a way of making people feel comfortable being human. The work can seem cute or funny upon first glance, but with further investigation one can discover a deeper, darker presence. The pieces serve as poignant yet hopeful symbols of the human experience. My anthropomorphic work often takes on a foreboding, monster-like quality, as if they are my inner demons, baggage, and/or current fears manifesting into an identity.

Earlier Event: October 15
Noel Bailey
Later Event: November 1
Taylor Sijan