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Jenny Mandes, Reiko Miyagi


Jenny Mendes
Using clay as my primary material, I have found an entry way into my subconscious. I work intuitively with a palate comprised of many things. First I create a structure which I overlay with painted patterns of emotional experience, sensory based memories, cellular formations, and other discoveries. Working within a human/animal narrative, I engage in a dialogue that witnesses and reflects an invitation into my world.

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Reiko Miyagi
For me, the "now" moment created by working with my art is also a moment to connect my "past" and "future". The "past" is all of the inspirations that make it possible for me to make my art what it is.  The perfect beauty that one sees in nature.  Ancient and historic works that have the strength to survive through the ages.  Tribal art made by a people who were living close to the earth.  Beautiful music that I appreciate as a gift from God. The Japanese organic and minimalistic sense of beauty which surrounded me as I grew up.    All the beings and surroundings have spiritual meaning to me and they make it possible for me to create my work.  

Once I finish an object it is passed to a "future" moment. I think of the people who introduce my work into their daily life and are enjoying their "now" moment.  My hope is that my work would be used to help celebrate the daily rituals of life and to make harmonious and beautiful surroundings.  Handmade items are integral to every good environment and the celebration of the moments that we live in.

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