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There's something about the patchwork patterning of Barry Rhodes work that I love getting lost in.  I think it's the memory of childhood wallpaper and kitchen rugs and a ragbag of dress-up cloth & clothing that Barry's work brings to mind.  It's like a collage of soothing repetitions.  So much like my mother's apron; I wish I could get lost in his work more often - It's a great place to be!  

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Featured Artist: Sam Scottand Susan Dewsnap
Sam and Susan work is amazing; in the designs they create, the simplified palette used, the way the surface is activated by the glaze application, how the positive and negative spaces become equally important - everypiece looks like it should be framed and hung on your wall.  

Pitchers’s Show
Periodically, we like to put together exhibitions based on a specific item.  The coffee mug and yunomi are regularly highlighted by lots of galleries and exhibitions -  so we thought we'd focus on something else; something used to fill those mugs and cups with.  So, we are doing a showing that's all about the pitcher! 
Here is our gallery of pouring containers that look great on any table - filled with iced tea, water, beer, lemonade, what-have-you.  Filler-up and enjoy.

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Being a gallery that specializes in exceptional, functional, ceramic art, we are regularly contacted by ceramic collectors and people who just love pottery.  One of the issues many of them have is that they have collected ceramic work to the point that they can no longer manage the amount and or have to downsize due to life situations.  In Tandem Gallery has been able to acquire quite a range of work from numerous estates and collections which include work of some of the best known and loved contemporary ceramic artists.  These pieces are limited in that the artists may or may not be regular ceramicists we represent here at the gallery and may have been created in a certain style or time of their lives that denotes their growth and change as their careers developed.  The constant for all of them is that they were all cherished by someone with a connection to the ceramic world and will hopefully live on as gems in other collectors homes or collectors yet to be.


Upcoming Exhibitions


✔ Blog - "Soda firing"

 Carolanne Currier

Carolanne Currier

Soda firing is a fairly recent way of changing work in the kiln via the atmosphere.  It was developed in the 1970’s because it was thought to be a safer way of adding sodium to a kiln then the more historic method of throwing salt into it.  For both soda ash (Na2CO3) AND salt (NaCl) the sodium molecule breaks away due to the heat in the kiln to coat everything – kiln shelves, ceramic work, bricks, et. - with a layer of soda glass.  ... more >>

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