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Undulating profiles, fancy little curlicues, lusciously dripping glazes… These are all hallmarks of the wonderful Steven Loucks work. How could you not be jealous of it?? And every piece has a built in display element that elevates, shows it off, and just takes it to another level. Sooo gorgeous!

Matthew Hyleck

The look of Matt Hyleck’s new work is really amazing. That black edge; the speckling of wood ash; plus those sweet emerald pools of glaze in the center give it such a modern / rustic / loose / controlled feel (Maybe a better way of say it is that it’s a description of antonyms??) What’s not to love? I’d take a dozen of everything - and what a place setting it would be! .…visit the show ➣

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Iron Wall Display

Iron Wall Display

These individualized shelves are perfect for highlighting a specific piece of art or a grouping. Extremely strong supporting strength with a countersink screw hole for easy mounting.  Painted a satin black.  White porcelain tile with a small art nouveau relief in the upper right-hand corner (tile is optional).  Both stylish and professional looking.

All the display come in three sizes, with or without Porcelain Background tile.
Small Height: 6.25" - Deep: 4" - Width: 4”
Medium Height: 8" - Deep: 6" - Width: 6”
Large Height: 10" - Deep: 8" - Width: 8”


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✔ Blog - "Soda firing"

Carolanne Currier

Carolanne Currier

Soda firing is a fairly recent way of changing work in the kiln via the atmosphere.  It was developed in the 1970’s because it was thought to be a safer way of adding sodium to a kiln then the more historic method of throwing salt into it.  For both soda ash (Na2CO3) AND salt (NaCl) the sodium molecule breaks away due to the heat in the kiln to coat everything – kiln shelves, ceramic work, bricks, et. - with a layer of soda glass.  ... more >>

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