In Tandem Gallery: Will Dickert

Laurel of Asheville - November 2018


In Tandem Gallery presents the work of ceramist Will Dickert, on display from Saturday, November 3, through November 30. The exhibit features stoneware and porcelain finished with slips, shino and celadon glazes and ranging in form from functional pots and wares to sculptural pieces.

“This show is about wood firing and form,” says In Tandem co-owner Andy Palmer. “Will has a strong body of work with a combination of highly sculptural and functional qualities.”

Using a limited palette, Dickert allows ashes and flame to paint his pieces in a natural and organic way. The ashes that fall onto his work during firing eventually melt to create a directional glaze that ranges in glossiness depending on proximity to the firebox. This ash creates rivulets and drips that run and collect on edges and lips, highlighting the forms.

Dickert pays strong attention to shape, resulting in work with a precise geometric feel that counterbalances the soft, spontaneous effects of wood firing. “The contrast between these two things is what I think makes Will’s work really stand out,” says Palmer. “There’s a rugged sensibility attached to the highly refined shaping of his pieces.”

In Tandem Gallery is located at 20 North Mitchell Street in Bakersville. Hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 10:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Sunday and Monday by appointment only. For more information, call the gallery at 828.688.6428 or visit