Ceramicist Audrey Rosulek at In Tandem Gallery

Laurel of Asheville - May 2018


In Tandem Gallery will feature the work of ceramicist Audrey Rosulek from Saturday, June 2, through July 7. “Audrey’s style is pretty unique even among ceramicists,” says gallery co-owner Andy Palmer. Rosulek uses glaze sparingly, sometimes on the inside or handle of a vessel, and she often decorates portions of her work with an underglaze pencil. She also designs her work to essentially look manufactured or mass produced. “She eliminates throwing lines and smooths the surfaces to the point that they look slip cast—super clean and seamless,” says Palmer. Where many ceramicists see the touch of a potter’s hands as a hallmark of individuality, Rosulek sees this as a distraction.

It wasn’t until a decade after obtaining her BFA in drawing and painting that Rosulek encountered the art of pottery when her husband gave her a gift certificate for classes at a local art center. In 2010, she entered Barrett Clay Works’ National Cup Show in Poughkeepsie, New York, and won Best in Show. Since then, she has been featured in magazines like Ceramics Monthly and American Craft Magazine and participated in group exhibitions and solo exhibitions at a variety of galleries. “Anytime you can educate and expose people to good work that is both unique and beautiful, then you should do it,” says Palmer. “Audrey’s work is something that definitely stands out and should be seen and appreciated by as many people as possible.”

In Tandem Gallery is located at 20 North Mitchell Street in Bakersville. For more information, call the gallery at 828.688.6428 or visit